World’s Biggest 3D Printed Building in Dubai

Dubai is the city with numbers of extravagant landmarks and popular buildings that have been fascinating the world’s eyes over them. Dubai has again become a city with the biggest 3D printed building in the world. This has been verified by the Guinness Book of World Records. The building was built by US-based robotic construction company, Apis Cor which has experience of printing buildings in multiple countries. 

It is a two storey administrative office in Dubai, 9.5 meters tall building covering 640 sq. meters area. It has 31 feet tall walls and the whole structure is of 6,900 sq. meters. Gypsum-based mixture produced by locally available materials were used for the printing process without any extra assembly works. The whole building was constructed by a single machine and three workers proving the cost and time efficiency. It has a traditional foundation constructed by pre-cast concrete and is reinforced by concrete and rebar. The roof and windows were added by the contractors after the walls got printed.

Nikita Cheniuntai, CEO & Founder of Apis Cor told “Construction 3D printing technology is only at the early stages of development. We do extensive R&D work to make the technology available for mass use. We are thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with Dubai Municipality. The project gave us unique knowledge and invaluable experience that will help us improve our technology and develop a new version of our 3D printer. The improved version will be more reliable and time efficient (twice as fast). Moreover, during the project we tested and improved our own-developed 3D mixture. This project is a huge step forward in the concrete 3D printing industry.”

Dubai is going to be the 3D printing hub of the world with proper plans and innovations in this sector. It is claiming nearly 25 percent of the buildings will be 3D printed by the year of 2030. This will cut the labor by 70%, cost by 90% and time by 80% in different sectors. It also helps to reduce energy consumption with systematic insulation and can be a great move towards sustainability.

With this world’s biggest 3D printed building in dubai, the world has got a fast, cheap and convenient way to build the buildings to meet the higher demand of increasing populations and migrating issues to big cities. 3D printing will certainly be the preferable technique to shape the real estate market. 

Image: Apis Cor

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