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Virgin Galactic Announces Test Flight Date For SpaceShipTwo Unity

After launching a satellite through mid-air, Virgin Galactic announced the window for its new rocket-powered aircraft – SpaceShipTwo Unity. The space-travel company confirmed that the window for a test flight of SpaceShipTwo Unity will open from the 13th of February.

If everything goes right with the weather and technical department, Virgin says there will be opportunities to fly throughout the month of February. 

Since the team had done major improvements on the drawbacks from the previous test flight on 12 December 2020. The core objectives of the test flight would be to check the improvements that the team was working on to eradicate the fault- computer halted ignition of the rocket motor.

The team has already completed all the extensive ground tests, conducted root cause analysis, and solved all the errors that were required. In the upcoming rocket-powered test flight, the team will evaluate and verify their studies and improvements. 

In addition to that, the flight will also incorporate the testing of the previous flight. Also, further testing includes evaluating elements of the customer cabin, live stream capability from the spaceship to ground, evaluating the upgraded horizontal stabilizers and flight controls during the phase of the flights. The company says in the announcement.

The test flight will be directed by two pilots and also carry research payloads as a part of the NASA Flight Opportunities Program. All the preparation for the pre-flight is already underway at Spaceport America, New Mexico.  

SpaceShipTwo Unity test flight will be followed with utmost precaution and safety. Adding the risk of Covid-19, no media are allowed. The flight will be accompanied by necessary personnel only. 

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