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United Airlines Flight 328 Boeing 777-200 Engine Failure: NTSB Reveals Damage Sustained By The Airplane

The National Transportation Safety Board released updated information based on an initial investigation of United Airlines Flight 328, Boeing 777-200 which suffered engine failure last Saturday, February 20.

The airplane was flying from Denver International Airport (DIA) to Honolulu, Hawaii with 229 passengers and 10 crew members, according to NTSB. Just minutes after the takeoff the airplane suffered a right engine failure, therefore, the flight made an emergency landing at DIA. None of the passengers or the crew were injured. 

The Boeing aircraft had a 400-seat capacity along with two Pratt & Whitney PW4077 engines according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

As per the preliminary update, the majority of the damage was experienced by the number 2 engine while the aircraft suffered minor damage. 

NTSB’s initial investigation of the Pratt & Whitney PW4077 engine disclosed the inlet and cowling were split from the engine and two fan blades had fractures. 

Addressing Saturday’s incident, Pratt & Whitney stated, on Feb. 20, that the company is “actively coordinating with operators and regulators to support the revised inspection interval of the Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines that power Boeing 777 aircraft”.

On February 21, Boeing too released a statement on United Airlines Flight 328. It said that it is “actively monitoring recent events” related to the aircraft. 

Boeing said it “recommended suspending operations of the 69 in-service and 59 in-storage 777s powered by Pratt & Whitney 4000-112 engines until the FAA identifies the appropriate inspection protocol”.

Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company also said that it supported FAA’s action to suspend operations of 777 aircraft, and is coordinating with the regulators on their investigation.

A joint investigation committee has been formed with  United Airlines, Pratt and Whitney, FAA, Boeing, Independent Brotherhood of Teamsters, and  Airline Pilots Association. After going through all the investigation processes a final report will be issued on this United Airlines recent engine failure incident.

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