UAE Willing To Take Big Steps with Sinopharm Vaccine Approval

The fight against the pandemic finally seems to be shifting on our side and life before covid will hopefully be right in front of our doorsteps within the next few years. With the biggest nations in the world working day in and day out to create a safe and effective vaccine, China has found itself on the greener side of the field as UAE has finally decided to approve the Sinopharm vaccine. 

About Sinopharm Vaccine

This vaccine is created by the Chinese state owned pharmaceutical company Sinopharm, which is the latest contender in the COVID-19 vaccine . The key components of the vaccine are:

  • 86% efficacy result which seems to a decent number considering the results that other vaccines have shown
  • First Southeast Asian vaccine to be recognized.
  • Wide trials world wide and has gained a good result from those tests.
  • Sinopharm has said its vaccines need to be refrigerated at temperatures of only 2 to 8 degrees Celsius (or 35 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit) and could remain stable for up to three years. 

UAE’s Approval

After more than 30,000 trial runs and the imperative phase 3 tests and experiments, the health and welfare officials and authorities of UAE have finally approved China’s Sinopharm, supporting China’s quote as they stated that this is a “major step in battling the pandemic”.

UAE health officials seem to be on board with the claim that the vaccine is 86% effective and further reports from the health authorities in Abu Dhabi suggest that the vaccine comes with a 99% seroconversion rate. Abu Dhabi ministry of health have also cleared the vaccine of any safety related issues, stating that there are no serious side effects from the usage of this vaccine.

This however was not the first time the vaccine was commissioned in the UAE as it was given an emergency allowance during the month of September and the vaccination was prioritized mainly to the medical, governmental and emergency service sectors, this engagement helped Sinophram build a good trust with the UAE government as well as the UAE population. 

Current Status

After the final phase 3 analysis were confirmed to be similar to the initial analysis, both of which showed promising results, UAE published some news regarding the efficiency and the safety that this vaccine delivers but Sinophram haven’t officially released the findings of the phase 3 tests.

In hopes that the vaccine will boost the confidence of the nation’s residents and in expectations to sustain the slowly degrading economy, UAE has decided to distribute the vaccine doses on a voluntary basis to various clinics and health organizations of Abu Dhabi and are planning to make this nation wide in due time. One of the main reasons for the rapid growth of this particular vaccine in the UAE market is because of his decent safety and very flexible availability and sustainability. The average citizen can easily adhere to the usage and storage of this vaccine as it can be easily stored in normal refrigerators unlike Pfizer’s vaccine which requires an extreme cooling environment of -75 degrees celsius.

Overall success of the vaccine both in terms of finance as well as performance seems very promising as Sinopharm prepares to finalize their phase 3 findings. Phase 3 findings will most probably prepare the vaccine to be delivered world wide and gain rapid recognition, helping it become the answer against the menacing pandemic.

Image: Pixabay

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