UAE Goes Big – Arab’s Success In Its First Nuclear Plant

One of the biggest problems in the modern world is the inevitable crisis of fuel energy as mankind has been constantly reducing the reserves without finding a substantial alternative source. While technologies that sustain solar energy have been created, they cannot mass produce the huge amount of energy we spend per day which is why nuclear fusion and fission has been prioritized in recent days and the UAE have now started their own nuclear plant, hoping to backup their luxurious nation.

The Plant and The Plan

The huge nuclear plant itself is situated on Barakah and amongst the four reactors that were engineered, one of them has already begun the process of nuclear fission. If this process were to begin in 2017, when the plant was officially supposed to start  but was delayed as the higher ups and concerned authorities believed that taking proper safety measures were more crucial than what they originally thought of, maybe UAE would be enjoying huge supplies of nuclear energy by now.

Alternatives and Priorities

UAE reports and media interviews have made it clear that even though the nation is rich in terms of oil, they want quarter of the nation’s daily needs to be provided by the nuclear plant in Barakah. This seems to be a smart move on their end as they want to preserve the exhaustible energy sources and maximize the use of sources that can be re-created easily.

So is the use of oil going to be secondary in the UAE? Not quite, it might end up being tertiary as Dubai seems laser focused on solar energy as well, being a Gulf nation this was a no-brainer and also disregards rumours of terrorism as well as unsafe energy sources that could potentially harm the citizens in future.

Diplomatic Issues

The nuclear plant may have been a huge success on UAE’s end but the neighboring nations say otherwise. Iran, which lies across the Gulf is not supportive of this whole idea as they suggest this whole programme to be dubious and not everything is as clean as it is advertised.

Experts from around the world including Dr. Paul Dorfman states that a nuclear plant has the potential to be a station for nuclear weapons in the future and due to the climate extremities in the Gulf, the idea of a nuclear energy supply doesn’t please anyone.

The ultimate outcome of this entire situation can be properly predicted once the energy starts reaching business, local as well as global. While the suggestions regarding the environmental difficulties are indeed true, the need of such a huge sustainable energy is just as crucial which has left the concerned authorities in a dilemma.

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