How To Travel Dubai On A Budget

Known as the city of dreams, Dubai is probably in the bucket list of every travel enthusiast. It is a city where modernization has fast taken place while keeping its heritage and traditions intact. Dubai is always perceived as a luxurious destination to travel to. Additionally, the city’s tourism marketing efforts are more focused on attracting people who are rich and want to experience luxurious travel. And why not – with the city’s luxury hotels, towering high shopping malls and gourmet dining options, it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Nevertheless, Dubai is certainly within reach of people who travel on a budget.

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time and also looking to save some money, here are some of the ideal ways to achieve it. We’ll start with the basic thing, travel insurance, which can be a major ordeal while you go explore new places. In Dubai, health care is private and extremely expensive. Thus, remember to have valid travel insurance before deciding to go there. And as a basic requirement, it is always best to look for flight tickets in advance. This will help you remain in budget and get a competitive rate. As Dubai is a well-known tourist destination, there will be a lot of exciting deals offered by various airlines, so don’t miss out on those. Choosing the right deal will give you access to special tourist offers and major discounts in Dubai, which allows for even more savings. 

Among the hotels in Dubai, one of the most popular is the Burj Al Arab. It is one of the luxurious hotels in the world and equally expensive. Yet there are cheaper options for accommodation in Dubai, where you can get a nice room with the view of the Dubai skyline for just $44 per night. This price is nothing when compared to the price of the luxurious suites in the grand hotels in Dubai. Another great option would be to look out for Airbnb. Dubai has a great business in real estate and there are a plethora of stunning apartments which you can rent. Airbnb connects you with the owner of the apartments where you can get accommodation with basic amenities for an even cheaper per-night fee.  

Another thing to look out for is the traffic of the tourists incoming to Dubai. The flow tends to be lower in the hot summer months and the months of Ramadan. During this time, you might get discounts and special offers from hotels and airlines. Dubai is not just about luxurious hotels, huge shopping malls and affluent events, but there are lots of cheaper things you can do in Dubai and experience the authentic Emirati culture at the same time. It is best to get an RTA NOL card if you plan to travel around Dubai. The RTA NOL card is an electronic ticketing card that is used for all modes of public transport in Dubai. Taxis are generally cheaper in Dubai when compared to other parts of the world yet it is not a low cost of getting around. So, getting the card will allow you to remain in budget and experience the public transport system in Dubai, which is so well-maintained.

Dubai is also famous for its authentic emiratis cuisine as well as international cuisine. The international cuisine inclines to the higher price range whereas you can get authentic Arabic as well as Indian food for lower prices. There’s a very cheap option for food in Dubai where taxi drivers go for their meal, a restaurant called Muhammad Iqbal restaurant that serves traditional Pakistani and Indian food. You can get tea, bread, curry and dessert for just $2.70. 

Dubai is also famous for small markets of gold and spices. You can walk around the market and feel the authentic Arabic vibe. You can also take souvenirs back home for your friends and family at cheap prices in the souks of Dubai. There are expensive entrance fees in some sightseeing areas of Dubai, but some are low-cost and even free things to do as a tourist in Dubai. The most notable ones are Bastakiya, famous souks visiting Dubai mall, and soaking on beaches. 

A trip to Dubai is not always luxurious, at least not for everyone. You don’t have to break your bank to plan a trip to Dubai. You can enjoy a great stay and have fun in the city at a low cost with smart planning in advance. Well, if you decide to spend your savings experiencing a luxury trip, then it’s up to you.

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