Top Billionaires in Dubai

Dubai and luxury are becoming synonyms and the pace of development it has undergone is surprising the whole world. Business tycoons and investors have also equal to to make what Dubai is now. Dubai is the land of many richest people along with 18 billionaires. U.A.E. has 24 billionaires excluding the rulers of U.A.E. Here we are revealing the top 10 billionaires in Dubai who have major impacts in Dubai’s economy. The list concludes with the mixture of UAE nationals and non-nationals as well. 

1. Abdulla bin Ahmad Al Ghurair

Nationality: Emirati

Source: Mashreq Bank

Industries: Banking, Real Estates, Constructions, Food 

Net Worth: USD 3.7 billion

2. M.A Yusuff Ali

Nationality: Indian

Source: LuLu Group International

Industries: Fashion, Retails and Hotels

Net Worth: USD 3.5 billion

3. Majid Al Futtaim

Nationality: Emirati

Source: Majid Al Futtaim Holding (MAF)

Industries: Entertainment, Real Estates and Retails

Net Worth: USD 3.3 billion

4. B.R. Shetty

Nationality: Indian

Source: New Medical Care, Finabir

Industries: Health Care, Financial Services

Net Worth: USD 3.15 billion

5. Ravi Pillai

Nationality: Indian

Source: RP Group of Companies

Industries: Construction, Real Estates and Hotels

Net Worth: USD 2.5 billion

6. Micky Jagtiani

Nationality: Indian

Source: Landmark Group

Industries: Fashion, Electronics, Furniture, Budget Hotels

Net Worth: USD 2.2 billion

7. Abdulla Futtaim

Nationality: Emirati

Source: Al-Futtaim Group

Industries: Automotive, Real Estate, Electronics, Insurance and Retails

Net Worth: USD 2.1 billion

8. Saif Al Ghurair

Nationality: Emirati

Source: Al Ghurair Group

Industries: Real Estate and Manufacturing Companies, Mashreq Bank

Net Worth: USD 1.7 billion

9. Hussain Sajwani

Nationality: Emirati

Source: DAMAC Properties, DICO Group

Industries: Real Estates, Luxury 

Net Worth: USD 1.4 billion

10. Sunny Varkey

Nationality: Indian

Source: GEMS Wellington Academy

Industries: Universities and Schools

Net Worth: USD 1.3 billion

This list is based on net worth published by Forbes in September 2020. These enlisted top ten billionaires were not born billionaires, they shape it up with their vision, plans and hard work. Dubai There is a huge possibility of Dubai increasing the number of billionaires due to its tremendous gearing in every sector and the business entrepreneurs, personalities and investors are constantly landing in Dubai. There are more than 2,800 billionaires in the world today. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon is the richest person in the world now with net worth USD 113 billion.

Image: Pixabay

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