Things You Need To Know before Flying a Drone in the UAE

Availability and Authenticity

Getting a drone isn’t as hard as flying it in the UAE as most gadget and tech shops keep them in highlight, promoting them as one of their top products. Some of these shops will even sell these drones as “toys” but you don’t wanna be on that side of the track. Buying a drone genuinely comes with some regulations to be followed, regulations issued by the GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority). These rules and regulations are mainly to ensure that public safety and privacy isn’t exploited when you are flying your drone.

Don’t be very certain about flying your piece as soon as you get it, as GCAA requires everyone to register their drone as an officially licensed product. Registration can be done via the GCAA phone line (+9714-2111710) or through their email (, most individuals and organizations can also register through GCAA’s official website (

License and Fees

In order to be a legit drone pilot, registration is required and with that registration process complete you are required to take a course prepared by the GCAA that teaches both professionals as well as hobbyists from scratch. Academies responsible for organizing these courses also award you with certification and in most cases a license as well, though they have to be approved by the concerned aviation authorities.

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There are of course legal charges on owning and flying a drone and they look pretty affordable, here’s a quick fee structure:

  • Non-commercial registration costs Dh100
  • Annual charges is Dh100 too
  • Dh 350 for basic license( This price is exclusive to Sanad Academy)
  • Dh4,700 for commercial purpose which are mainly 15 kgs

Flying a drone is one of the fun yet one of the most productive and informative things one could do. Contrary to stereotypical beliefs that drone flying is only for professionals, you can do it and explore your environment like never before while making most of your empty time. In the UAE however flying the drone isn’t as simple as it sounds as you can’t just disrupt the aerial ecosystem by grabbing a tech bird and hovering it around, you need to abide by some regulations even if you are a renowned content creator starting from how to get yourself a piece of this amazing tech.

Locations and Guidelines

Even after completing all legal and safety procedures you can’t yank your remote and start hovering wherever you please. The GCAA is very strict when it comes to the locations where drones can be piloted. The GCAA has developed an app that’ll help you keep track of locations and whether or not a drone is allowed to fly in those areas. Main restrictions are set to areas near airports and areas that suffer air traffic the most as GCAA suggest drones might disrupt comms and aviation operations, residential areas are also a no go as protecting privacy of the people is one of UAE’s top priority.

All in all you can fly your drone in most locations around the city within the specified and authorized heights and still get great photographs and shoots as UAE is a nation full of mesmerizing urban as well as natural spectacles and landscapes. Keep in mind that violating any of these rules can lead to AED 2,000 – AED 20,000 fine depending upon how serious your violation is.

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