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The Best Locations to Buy Property in the UAE

UAE has established itself as one of the top nations, excelling in luxurious lifestyles and proving themselves as the epitome of commercial and urban landscape. While they do have some of the best architectural design these properties still cost a lot cheaper than they’d cost in Los Angeles, making Dubai the cornerstone of buying a luxurious property. But people do wonder what areas in Dubai really mark themselves as “must see” so here are the very best locations in Dubai to buy a property.

Downtown Dubai

If you are someone who enjoys the bustling city with shimmering lights stealing your vision and making your nights sleepless then this is the place for you. Downtown Dubai is a location that shouts the words “Upscale and Urban” as it is the home to some of world’s biggest monuments in Burj Khalifa along with national attractions like Dubai Mall and Opera. The sales of this community goes as much as AED 7.93 , selling over 2,372 properties.

Palm Jumeirah

Does the idea of a manmade island sound absurd to you? If it doesn’t and if it is one of your biggest fantasies to buy a property on an island then Pal, Jumeirah is waiting to welcome you. The self-proclaimed eight wonders of the world, Palm Jumeirah’s properties resonate with its seashore theme as most of them are trunks lined with low rise residential apartments. The island itself is palm-shaped and it covers an area of 7 million sq. km extending 6.5 kms into the Arabian Gulf. A total of 904 properties have been sold making the sales go as much as AED 3.69 billion, these are some big numbers considering the number of properties that were sold.

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Dubai Harbour

The idea of buying a property near a harbour may sound a bit off to some luxury heads as they do not want the sounds of ships docking near a jetty but this is Dubai we are talking about and everything here is clean cut. The main attraction of this place is the shopping malls, luxury restaurants, the deep blue sea and of course a yacht club, giving you the availability of yacht racing and all. The place has managed to sell upto 940 properties at a massive AE 2.36 billion value.

Jumeirah Village Circle

Don’t let the world village fool you, this residential area still seems a lot more commercial then some commercial areas of Asia. Escaping the sparkling tall buildings and the view of a deep blue sea, Jumeirah Village Circle is the heart of new Dubai and offers a luxurious line up of mansions and villas while giving you the experience of a tranquil community. The designs are rather subtle compared to other entries on this article and offer a more aesthetic vibe. The location has sales upto AED 2.35 billion with 1,936 properties sold.

These are some of the well known and popular areas offering various designs and aesthetics that may suffice most tastes. Of course the UAE is not just limited to this and has a lot of other hidden gems that haven’t received the same limelight. One thing can be said that UAE might just have a location prepared for even the most intricate and sophisticated tastes.

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