Terms and Conditions

  1. Before you explore the site any further:

By visiting our site you have legally agreed to all terms and conditions put forth by the site operators and have given your consent regarding the subject.

Terms and Conditions are in no way flexible and will not be altered under audience requests or custom preferences.

These terms and conditions are not permanent and can be updated by the site operators if needed  without notifying users,visitors, readers, subscribers or anyone . You  are kindly requested to read and review the Terms and Condition now and then.

  1. Copyright Notice

Contents on the site are all owned by the site owners  and operators.  Embedding, Posting, Publishing any of the content from our website to the external site must require pre-approval from us. Failing to do so, could put you in legal terms of copyrights violations. A copyright notice of “© 2020 Endubai All Rights Reserved” will be stated around every content of the website.

  1. Usage Permission
  • You are requested to thoroughly go through the site contents and clear any misunderstandings regarding the site’s purpose as every single content on the site is non-commercial. The content is there only for your personal usages and are not to be copied in any form be it literally copying or reproducing or spinning the site content, derivative contents of this site are also strictly prohibited.
  • If you still wish to use the site content in ways that the site generally doesn’t allow then you may contact the owner and further instructions will be sent via email, do know that you will ultimately require a custom license to use site content.
  1. Abide By These:

The site operators will not tolerate any form of illegal or dubious activities on the site. This includes not disrupting the rights of fellow site users and maintaining a peaceful and sound environment on the posting threads. Lewd, obscene, offensive as well any content or statement that harass or discomfort users and the general idea of the site will be discarded immediately and will come with reports.

By entering the site you abide by these:

  • No activities that can potentially interfere with the normal functioning and flow of the site.
  • Corrupt files and third party data from your end will not be tolerated and you are strictly prohibited to upload such data in the site or the conversation threads.
  • Comments or posts on the site that may trigger criminal activities or give rise to civil liability is strictly prohibited.
  • In no way or form are you allowed to disguise yourself as someone else or use fake profiles. Even if you do not disrupt the basic rules of the site, you will be penalized and suspended from the site if the site operators determine you to be a fake user.
  1. Social Media Platforms 
  • The site’s social media platforms are only for you to visit and follow, any further engagements than this will be thoroughly inspected and can lead to reports.
  • You may not attempt to collect personal information about the site operators from the social media platforms.
  • There are no liabilities to social media platforms.
  1. Registration

You won’t be obliged to create a specific user account in order to browse the site and view contents of the site. The site is free to browse  and has no paywalls which requires an internet browser in order to view the content, accessible via internet connected laptop,desktop,tablets,smartphone and browser supported devices.

There are some procedures to follow in order to enter the comment threads and in order to converse with other people on conversational threads.  You will need to provide a valid name and a valid email address in order to leave a comment or to reply to someone else’s comment.

Subscription service is free of cost and all you need to give out is an email address, the site WILL NOT be responsible for any misuse of the email you provide, you will be accepting that you provided this email on your own risks and are willing to use it to subscribe to our website, subscriptions will keep you informed with new updates.

  1. Limitation of Liability

All the original site contents are subject to the owner and images or text that are from external sources do not concern the owner at all. The site owners and operators bear no responsibility in case these materials are rigged, bugged or contain some harmful viruses. The site operators are also not concerned with any clean up process and are not obliged to take any measures in case such third party data are spotted.

You will also agree to these terms:

  • The site owner is not responsible for any kind of damage that occurs in and out of the site.
  • Users are responsible for clicking all the content in the site and if any of them may result in loss of data or privacy breach then the owners are not responsible for it, you have to consent to this.
  • Third party engagement in the site will be casual and if any of them leads  users to other external sites and have security threats to the user  then the risk and damage after browsing that website  is totally upon the user, not the site operators or the owners.
  • The content published on the site doesn’t require the owner or the operator to go through legal regulations.
  • The links in the site that lead to other news sources and any third party links are there for your convenience, the owner doesn’t have any concern with those sites and will not be responsible for your engagements on those sites.
  • Owners have the right to modify, alter or remove any content on the site at any time without user consent and any prior notice to anyone.
  1. Indemnity

Users will all agree to hold the Owner harmless of any theft, loss and dubious activities that occur on the site. Attorney Fees that come with the violation of these Terms and Conditions are to be indemnified by the users along with any cost or other fees that proceed. You will also be responsible for any misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the site content or the site terms and conditions, if you decide to act based on your personal intuition, you will bear the risks not the site.

  1. Notices for Changes and Contributions

You can inform via email, your contribution to the site be it any sort of fund or a post in general, you will not do this without advance notice. Subscribed users may be invited to guest post but will still have to credit the site, we will however credit your name, invited users will not enjoy any extra benefits and will have to abide by all the terms and conditions. Changes to the terms and conditions will be done by the operators and a notification will be sent to the subscribers.

Contributions to the site will solely depend upon you and you will be responsible for all the results brought forth by those contributions. Post contributions will be checked and examined thoroughly and any sign of plagiarism or spinning will not be entertained. This can lead you to a permanent ban from the site and will disclose any site service that you might be enjoying.

You need to be strictly certain about these factors:

  • No mention of private information on the contributing content. Exchange of any phone number or personal address or email address will be terminated instantly and proper law enforcement will be exercised against you.
  • Content that might create an uproar regarding sensitive topics will not be accepted and may lead to further actions against you.
  • In no way are you allowed to mention anything against the site content and against the third party content that we allow in the site. This will lead you to get banned from the site.
  1. Advertisement

The site will be collaborating with third parties such as application software companies, ecommerce, online products etc and will be advertising their products and their online portals. These are in no way the site’s original content and the site owners will not be responsible for how the user decides to engage with the site. Advertisements are there for promotional purposes and we do not have anything to do with those specific companies.

  1. Backlinking

Linking our site pages and content is allowed and encouraged but you have to be very certain about the post from where you are linking back to us. While linking to our site you must make sure that:

  • You link to us from a genuine post and do not use our site’s link in content that might be offensive and content that has the potential to damage our reputation.
  • You don’t link to us from a copied work or content that isn’t your own, doing so will come with legal actions against you.
  • While sharing our site services, posts and content on other platforms make sure you are not just copying it and make sure you are linking back to the original address of that specific content.
  • Mentioning our site on any adult or R rated platform will come with some heavy legal actions against you.

           Same applies with our social media addresses and links.

  1. Contact

Please do not attempt to contact the site owners and operators on their personal addresses, doing so will be considered as a breach of our privacy policies. You can use our email info@endubai.com if you have any queries related to the site or if you want to make contributions. 

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