Robotic Police in Dubai

Dubai has been always putting itself as a global leader in technology and digital innovations. It has been launching various tech projects that amazed the world one after another. Robots have been overtaking a lot of work in making human’s lives easier. Dubai has also revealed its robotic police, RoboCop in 2017 based on Artificial Intelligence technology.

The RoboCop is developed by Pal Robotics and has been in duty on malls and tourist attractions. It looks like a human cop with a uniform with white face having two hollowed eyes and no mouth at all. It can help people use Dubai Police’s services smartly. People can easily get information, report crime and pay fines using the touch-screen embedded on its chest. It can interact with humans.

There are various smart services enlisted on the screen which is just a touch far. It can also connect human cops for assistance to help the people who pressed the SOS button on its touchscreen. It has built-in cameras to send the live feeds to the Police control system. It can help police to identify criminals and collect necessary evidence. It can be a great option as most of the people feel awkward to deal with police officers.

People can reach it 24/7 despite visiting police stations or customer services. Now it can communicate only in English and Arabic language but there’s a plan to add some other languages as well. It can greet you and ask you how it can help you. It will help on patrolling busy city areas. They also will have recognition software to read the licence plates and identify concerned cars or vehicles. In future the police force has plans to develop a 3-metres tall robot which can travel up to 80 kilometres per hours and carry large equipment and tools under the control of police.

The Dubai Police claims that its a prominent step to be the smartest police of the world. They have aimed for 25% of the officers will be Robocops by 2030 replacing the human police officers in other areas to make the city safer.

Although, there are some concerns to consider regarding the security of personal data. It also cannot arrest criminals. No matter what the future is surely be based on Robotics and AI. Obviously, Robocop will play a vital role for Dubai’s aim to be the smartest and happiest city in the world.

Image: Pixabay

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