Precautions in Zoom Meeting

Due to this global coronavirus pandemic, the whole world needs to maintain physical distance and stay at home to stop the spread of Covid-19. Majority of big business houses have shut down or are suffering from economic recession but Zoom has become so popular in this period. Zoom calls, meetings, conferences, webinars and training have got into the lifestyle of today’s generation. The downloads of this app have increased by 30 times year-over-year and the app has been on the top of the free app in many countries of the world.

Zoom has also become a target of few people who enjoy disrupting it. You might have heard the term “Zoombombing” introduced recently where uninvited or unknown users join a zoom meeting and share pornographic images or disturbing pictures. They have been disturbing online classes, business meetings and team webinars making unexpected moves into them. 

There are few simple precautions to consider to create a safer zoom environment.

  1. Keep Invitation Private: 

It will be a wise idea if the concerned participants are invited via their personal emails or calendars. Sharing zoom meeting details in social media like facebook and twitter can be the wrong step so that everyone including people having wrong intentions can have access to it.

  1. Don’t use Personal Meeting ID:

Normally Zoom Personal Meeting ID remains the same for an individual, sharing the same meeting ID time and again can be proved wrong. There’s an option to generate the Meeting ID automatically which can be shared among the specific individuals. It can be generated by clicking the Schedule button on Zoom’s main screen and selecting Generate Automatically under the Meeting ID field.

  1. Securing with a Password:

You can protect your zoom calls by setting a password on it. The Zoom automatically generates the password or can be changed as per your wish if you checked the Required Meeting Password field.

  1. Turn off Screen Sharing:

There’s another securing option on Zoom to limit participants sharing their screen over meetings. There might be rare cases like “Zoombombing” if this feature is enabled.

  1. Enabling Waiting Room:

You can also enable a waiting room, so that you can approve the meeting participants checking the name they have put as Display Name.

  1. Allowing Authenticated Users only:

It might be a little strict but allowing only authenticated users to join the meeting also helps the meeting be safe. The participants must be logged into Zoom to join the meeting. To enable this feature you have to click in Advanced Settings.

Beside these you can also control mute/unmute to the participants, share host or co-host among participants. Zoom is becoming the culture nowadays, so considering the mentioned precautions above can secure your meetings up to the mark.

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