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Middle Eastern Etihad Airways And Gulf Air Signs Strategic Commercial Cooperation Agreement And Expands Additional 30 Destinations

On 17 February, Etihad Airways and Gulf Air strengthened their partnership by signing a Strategic Commercial Cooperation Agreement (SCCA).  The cooperation between these two national carriers- Etihad Airways of the United Arab Emirates and Gulf Air of the Kingdom of Bahrain is to broaden the commercial cooperation and the partnership between Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

On a combined state, the joint operations of both airlines can add up to 30 new destinations, that are beyond Abu Dhabi and Bahrain hubs expanding their service across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Etihad Airways tweeted “We’re proud to strengthen our partnership with @GulfAir, offering our passengers more choices and benefits. Our strategic commercial cooperation will allow us to further broaden our collaboration” on its official Twitter handle.

Both the airlines Etihad and Gulf Air had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2018, before the SCCA. MOU provided the explorations for MRO, pilots and crew training, and cargo opportunities, where both the airlines can revisit the plots of current market opportunities and company requirements.

Chief Executive Officers from both the carriers signed the Strategic Commercial Cooperation Agreement where Tony Douglas represented Etihad Airways and Captain Walled AlAlawi represented the Gulf Air.

“This agreement reinforces the strength of the ongoing partnership between our two airlines. We look forward to exploring pragmatic ways in which the two carriers can increasingly work seamlessly between our two capitals, enhance benefits and customer experience for our most frequent travelers and further extend the reach of our joint networks beyond our hubs.” the CEO of Etihad Tony Douglas said.

CEO of Gulf Air- Captain  AlAlawi also expressed his views with  “Our relationship with Etihad Airways has always been strong and today we are reaching a higher level of collaboration with many more opportunities on the horizon between the national carriers of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. This agreement will empower both of us to offer a more elevated experience to passengers and widen their travel options” in the speech.

Both the airlines will contribute together to improve the customer’s experience on the Abu Dhabi – Bahrain route. The joint operations will also try to make the flights more seamless between Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. Also, regardless of the operating carrier, both the partners will enhance their offering to their respective premium tier customers of Etihad Guest and Falcon Flyer that will include exclusive lounge access and reputable recognition through a guest journey.

In addition to the seamless journey, the pathers will also maintain enhanced and harmonized policies and products specifically in areas such as baggage and ancillaries.

The result of this strategic commercial cooperation agreement is likely to be seen till the first of June 2021. Additional changes also have been made to the agreement besides expanding the Codeshare Agreement, which was signed previously in 2019. 

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