Mandatory Steps Before Launching a Startup

All great businesses started from the very bottom, no matter how big they are now. Be it Apple’s office in the garage or Bell Laboratories which was more like a storeroom, they were all once known as “Startup Ideas”. You yourself might be on your couch right now thinking of something and realizing that it has the potential to be a great business but will everything go right? They might not and so here are some of the mandatory steps you need to take before launching a startup business.

Plan and a Roadmap

You can’t expect things to happen magically as soon as you put your ideas on the table, you need a proper plan to give each idea and tasks their respective roles. World wide data suggest that among all the companies that start with a proper business plan, 64% of them enjoy huge success rates and 36% of them receive genuine loans and fundings whereas of all the companies that do not start with a proper plan, only 43% manage to grow their business with as minimal as 18% receiving loans and fundings. It is the intricate details and subtle explanation that really puts your business plans on the map.

Marketing Foundation

You might just have the most revolutionary business idea of the year but no one is going to know about it unless you promote your ideas on the market. Digital marketing strategies like SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing will result in the 8 billion people on the internet viewing your content and ideas, increasing your engagement for a better audience and potential teammates. You must always allocate a certain budget to your marketing practices and if that budget doesn’t accomplish much maybe your approach needs a change.

Website and Location

Yes, you offer a service or you have a business but where is it? People are very considerate about choosing their services and one of the main driving factors is how well your office looks physically and how well managed and user friendly your website is. Leasing a property is much more expensive than buying so you might wanna save for a while and buy a place of your own and as for your site, performing a demo UI experience involving your colleagues is a good idea before putting it online.

Team and Priorities

You can’t hope to accomplish everything on your own and you will need a team to help you with your business at some point, even if you manage to nail down the initial steps on your own. Selecting a proper team based on your prime priorities is crucial, if your goal is to communicate with other business firms then you can’t send out a bunch of technicians to do that for you, you will need people who are good at swaying others away with clever words. When you have finally assembled a proper team for the proper tasks, set up a pyramid on what you want to accomplish first and then let your business bloom.

These are just some of the fundamental things to take into consideration before launching a startup. There are still a lot of loose ends to tie but that is after you dive deep into your business and slowly start to unveil its potential and impacts. Following these steps would ensure a strong base for future tasks which are much more risky and daring.

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