How to Get a Driving Licence in the UAE?

Having a driving licence can have many advantages and can make life more comfortable if you are living in a country like the UAE. It’s a skill you better master if you have a job or looking for one. Even if you don’t need to drive to a workplace, having a driving licence is not bad, it might come into use in various situations.

The UAE has a very advanced road system so taking on the wheels can be challenging. You should have the driving skill, should understand the road system and should know the traffic rules, if you are to drive on the UAE roads.

It is mandatory to have a driving licence if you are to drive. And through acquiring licence processes, you will qualify to do so, that is to say, you have the driving skills, and the understanding of the road system and traffic rules.

So, how do you get a driving licence in the UAE?

Firstly, are you eligible to apply?

The eligibility can be discussed in the following points:

  • Medically fit (includes Eye test report)
  • Above the legal age

(The minimum age requirement for motorcycles and for vehicles for people with special needs is 17 years, 18 years for car and light vehicles, 20 years for heavy vehicles and tractors, and 21 years for buses.)

If you are medically fit and aged enough to apply for the vehicle type you are applying for, you can now go for the next step – getting the documents.

What are the required documents?

You should have the following documents:

  •  Copy of passport and residence visa page (if you are expatriate)
  • Copy and original emirates ID cards
  • 2 photographs
  • Eye test report 
  • No objection letter from the sponsor (if required by the related traffic department)

Having all the required documents, now it’s time to apply for the licence.

If you already have a licence from one of the 30 countries which licence is accepted by the UAE, your licence can be converted to a legal one in the UAE.

But if you don’t, you might want to look at the further steps.

Apply to a registered driving centre

You have to apply to one of the authorised driving institutes. The list of authorised driving centres in the UAE is:

  1. Abu Dhabi (Emirates Driving Company)
  2. Dubai (Emirates Driving Institute, Dubai Driving Centre, Galadari Motor Driving Centre, Belhasa Driving Centre and Al Ahli Driving Centre)
  3. Sharjah (Sharjah Driving Institute)
  4. Ras Al Khaimah (Ras Al Khaimah Driving Academy)
  5. Fujairah (Fujairah National Driving Institute)

Conduct an eye test at an approved centre

You need to take an eye test at one of the centres approved by the traffic department. These centres also upload eye test results electronically to the RTA.

Complete all necessary driving classes

The driving training hours can differ from 10 hours to 40, depending on your driving skills and experience. Eight requisite theory classes and some mock theory tests are also taken during the classes.

Pass all the tests

You need to pass all the tests to get the licence. An applicant needs to pass the following three tests:

  1. Theory test
  2. Parking test
  3. Road test

Obtain the driving licence from the traffic authority

If you pass all the tests, the traffic authority provides you with an authorized driving licence of the UAE.

Having met all the requirements and procedures, you can be officially licensed to drive on the UAE roads. However, you should also know about the renewal of a licence. A driving licence should be renewed every 10 years if you are UAE and GCCC citizens and 5 years for residents.

Driving without a licence is considered illegal in the UAE and can put you in unwanted legal situations, so it’s best you get a licence and have it while you drive.

The sophisticated roads of the UAE await you!

Image: Pixabay

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