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Gulf Top Carriers Etihad and Emirates Banned Flying To The UK Until Further Notice

The giant carriers of the UAE- Emirates and Etihad are temporarily banned from flying their flights to the UK. The UK Government puts the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on their red list with the other two countries from Africa on Friday. The temporary ban on flights also states that the flights which originate from the red-listed countries cannot land in the UK.

According to the UK Government, “entry to the UK is banned for visitors arriving from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Burundi and Rwanda from 29 January 2021 at 1 pm – British, Irish, and third-country nationals with residence rights in the UK will be allowed to enter”. They also further stated that “ The decision to ban travel from these destinations follows the discovery of a new coronavirus variant, first identified in South Africa, that may have spread to other countries, including the UAE, Burundi and Rwanda”.

The number of restricted countries that are red-listed increases up to 33. Out of which, most of them are located either in Africa or South America.

Seven Flights Prepare to Land to the UK before the Deadline

Usually, the flights that take from UAE to the UK are big money makers for the airlines. Before, the Covid-19 pandemic happened, the UAE – UK routes were jammed with flights. So, it’s not rare to see five to six Emirates fleets landing at London Heathrow on Friday. The flights will all be cleared before 13:00 (UK Time) which is the deadline provided by the UK Government.

Also, in January 2021, this route from Dubai – UK was the world’s busiest air route. According to the OAG data, there were 190,365 seats available  on the flights between Dubai to London Heathrow this month.

Etihad and Emirates banned flying to the UK

On Friday, four nonstop Emirates flights and one British Airways Airbus A350 service are scheduled to fly the sector. The British Airways flight and two of the Emirates flights will land before the 13:00 deadline.

Similarly, Etihad also made its two flights ready for departure, from its Abu Dhabi base to London Heathrow this Friday, and both the flights will depart before 13:00 which is the deadline period.

How can British and Irish Nationals be able to enter the UK after the travel ban

Even though the gulf air carriers are banned, British and Irish Nationals can still book commercial flights and fly back to the UK. The UK government says there will be indirect commercial routes that will enable British and Irish nationals and residents to return to the UK will continue to operate.

However, the nationals including British and Irish people who have residence rights in the UK should self-isolate along with their household members. In this temporary ban, Burundi and Rwanda are also listed in the red list of the UK along with UAE. However, the temporary ban doesn’t seem to impact the airline’s connection to the earlier nations. Once the ban gets over, the airlines can continue their service.

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