Google Launched ‘Pixel For Business’ Website To Attract Enterprise Users

With Internet-related services and products, including online advertising technologies, search engines, cloud computing, Google has developed its strong presence among competitors, but Android is an ecosystem for mobile devices that made its existence in the market much stronger. With Android as the primary operating system, Google has partnered with a range of mobile vendors to operate the operating system for a more corporate environment. Google Pixel smartphones are also the one that uses Android OS, and Google has begun promoting them as “Built for Business” devices. With this aim, Google has also launched a new website to encourage business consumers to purchase Google Pixel phones.

The new Pixel for Business website essentially highlights the features of released Google Pixel devices with three aims. “Safe and Secure by all designs” highlights their Titan M chip, which protects and ensures your work and data is safe. With the Google Pixel 3 smartphone, the Titan M chip was introduced to secure the bootloader program, avoid OS rollbacks to previous versions, and protect data on the device.

The next aim “Manage Device Simple and Seamlessly” ensures that your work profile and personal profile aren’t disturbed and privacy is maintained. It also focuses on ease of enterprise deployment with zero-touch enrollment that does not require manual setup, and customization with a wide range of management APIs to your needs. 

The last aim “Help when and where you need it” highlights all the attractive features of Google Pixel devices and Google services. It highlights how applications like Google Duo, Google Docs, Google Assistant and many others ensure high individual productivity. 

With this website, Google made its focus to Pixel 4, 4a and 5. The website lists all the features of those three handsets and the price are specified on the top as well. Other Pixel series of devices from Pixel itself, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 are also available.  

The Pixel for the Business website is now live for enterprise customers around the US where it lists all Google Phone enterprise sales experts or resellers, where you can find Pixel devices for your organizations. Moreover, the company hasn’t shared any details about its expansion in the global market till now. 

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