Finablr a BR Shetty Scandal-Hit Company, Sold To Israeli-UAE Consortium For $1

Finablr Plc is selling its business to the  Israeli -UAE consortium for $1. Before collapsing Finablr had a market valuation worth two billion dollars in Dec 2019, It had reported allegedly more than $1 billion in undisclosed debts in April 2020 hidden from its board. Deals have been made between the former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who is linked to the Prism Group and Abu Dhabi’s, Royal Strategic Partners (RSP). RSP is headed by Abubaker Al Khoori who is associated with Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan and is the vice-chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council.

 The Israeli Ministry of Finance predicts the potential of bilateral business could be ranging from $ 2 billion to $ 6.5 billion annually. It is apparent that the deal is one of the pioneering deals and it lies among the first remarkable commercial transactions between the  UAE and Israeli companies after both the countries made the normalization deal earlier this year. Shortly afterwards, consents were signed in sectors ranging from banking to mobile services.  

During the filing in  London Stock Exchange (LSE), Finablr proclaimed, “In return for the transfer of Finablr to Global Fintech Investments Holding (GFIH), in the totality of the nominal sketch of US $1 payable, GFIH is providing working capital support to the company to keep continue to operate consisting employees and its creditors”.

The downfall of  BR Shetty has been said to have started along with this agreement, the report reveals. Once he used to be ranked 42nd in Forbes 100 richest men six years ago. Talking about Finablr PLC, it is indeed a UK-based company that provides cross borders payments and consumer solutions for foreign exchange, and more importantly business to business (B2B) and payment technology solutions. In accordance to the agreement terms and conditions, GFIH also shows the patronage to support as well as facilitate Finablr’s incessant efforts to recover funds from third parties in the nexus of possible historic anomalies within the group, an authentic source quoted. 

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