Facebook Is Secretly Building Smartwatch With Health Features And Is Aiming To Launch Next Year

Facebook is engineering a smartwatch that will allow users to send messages and include features for health and wellness as well. The new fitness watch from Facebook is reported to be an Android smartwatch, but the report doesn’t tell whether Facebook plans to run Google’s very own wear OS or not. After following the report, it says Facebook is working on its own operating system for these upcoming wearables devices, and that potential wearable operating system versions may be used instead. As per Reuters’ request, Facebook did not respond to the news.

As said earlier, the wearable from Facebook will have it’s major focus on messaging, health and fitness capabilities. For people who didn’t know, for quite a long time now, Facebook has been developing its Virtual Reality (VR)-based hardware called Facebook Oculus and the new wearable from Facebook will join Facebook’s Oculus virtual reality headsets and Portal (a video chat application) projects. Facebook has already announced its branded Ray-Ban smart glasses to come out later this year. A separate development program on virtual reality known as “Project Aria” has been reported where Facebook is investing its time under the company’s larger Augmented Reality (AR) initiatives. Until now, Facebook has refused to comment on any of the projects under wearables category.

According to the report, the social media giant expects to begin selling the product next year, a move that will mark its entrance into a market that is currently dominated by Apple Inc and Huawei.
In recent years, Facebook, headquartered in Menlo Park, California, has forayed into the hardware market, coming up with devices such as the Oculus virtual reality headset and the Portal – a video chat application. Bloomberg reported last month that the company has more than six thousand staff exercising on different augmented and virtual reality technologies and as part of established hardware divisions such as Oculus and Portal, as well as experimental programs under its Facebook Reality Labs division.

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