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Emirates Airways Provides Exclusive Rich Content To Its Travel Agents Through Emirates Gateway

On 18 February 2021, the Dubai-based carrier – Emirates announced that it will offer an exclusive package to its travel agent partners that include rich content and services on its NDC-enable direct connect platform- Emirates Gateway. This new platform will start on the First of July 2021. Also on the same day, an extra cost (surcharge ) will be added to all the flight tickets that were booked from Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

The Emirates Gateway was launched in October last year, to provide the trade partners of Emirates a better customer experience and also a choice of connection options with multiple products and benefits across the channels.

The Chief Commercial Officer of Emirates- Adnan Kazim quotes: “ Our goal is to empower our trade partners to deliver even better customer experiences, and we are pleased to introduce the next batch of new exclusive features and benefits for them on Emirates Gateway, which was launched to address the limitations of current legacy systems and provide a wide range of additional content and options for agents.”

“We are heartened by the support and positive feedback that we’ve received from our trade and GDS partners to date. Emirates firmly believes in healthy, long-term relationships with all players in the travel ecosystem, and we will continue to work hard to nurture the relationships that we’ve built through the years by providing great value and service.” on the launch of Emirates Gateway this year.

This year Emirates has gathered its interested trade partners closer to bring them on board on the Emirates Gateway, which will make them accessible to the widest range of Emirates fare products. The gateway also includes the exclusive contents that are not yet available in the indirect channels and places where booking will not include a Distribution Surcharge.

However, those partners or agencies who haven’t signed up for the Emirates Gateway platform can still access Emirate’s EDIFACT- a legacy content through the airline’s GDS partners Amadeus, Travelport, Travelsky, Infini and Sirena.  Even though, the partners didn’t sign up for Emirates Gateway, to reduce the expensive price that Emirates charges through GDS distribution that starts with the launch of Gateway platform  – 01 July 2021. The price can range from USD 14 to 24 per ticket which depends on the flight lengths.

Any agents of Emirates can access the NDC content from 01 July 2021 through Emirates Gateway:

  • Agents can have access to specialized ticket pricing that is solely dedicated to promotional fares and pre-sales
  • Agents will also have the power to sell excess baggage, which can result in enhanced customer experience 
  • All the agents will have access to rich content, new ancillary products, and differentiated pricing for it.

Customers can access the data of Emirates Gateway through three accessible portals:

  • Emirates Booking Portal
  • Emirates Gateway Direct 
  • Emirates Gateway sync

For more detailed information about Emirates Gateway, interested travel agents can visit Emirates Partners Portal or contact the Emirates Sales team.

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