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Emirates Airlines And Dubai Health Authority(DHA) Signed MOU To Share Travellers Medical Record Related To Covid-19

Today ( 25th February 2021) both the Dubai-based carrier Emirates and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) signed the agreement to authorize the digital verification of Covid-19 vaccines. Dubai becomes the first city in the world to implement the digital verification system related to Covid-19 testing and vaccines. 

The implementation on this digital verification of travellers medical reports will be linked with the IT department of DHA approved laboratories which updates the passengers covid-19 record with Emirates reservation and check-in systems. This verification system will enable sharing, storing and passenger health records in utmost privacy.  Also, all the record will be kept in a legalized  and in a secure manner.

Once the preparation finishes, the airline will immediately bring it live.  “In coming months, the verification system can be live” – the airline says. 

Emirates and Etihad Airlines became the first airlines in the world to trail the IATA Travel Pass globally. The Travel Pass lets the user record their travel destinations and their digital record of the Covid-19 vaccination and tests to ensure safety while traveling. However, the travel pass system is expected to be implemented in the first quarter of 2021.

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