Elon Musk’s Neuralink Could Start Testing Brain Chips Implants on Human Later This Year

“Hi @elonmusk, I’ve been thinking for a long time how to write this to you – but I’ll keep it very simply,” Hamoon Kamai, a Twitter user tweeted on January 31, tagging the Tesla Boss Elon Musk. 

“I was in a car accident 20 years ago and have been paralyzed from the shoulders ever since. I’m always available for clinical studies at @Neuralink.”

On February 2, Elon Musk, who also owns a neurotechnology company – Neuralink, hinted that the company could start implanting chips on human brains before the end of 2021. 

“Neuralink is working super hard to ensure implant safety & is in close communication with the FDA. If things go well, we might be able to do initial human trials later this year,” Musk replied. 

Neuralink, a neural tech startup Musk co-founded in 2016, aims to help people with neurological conditions by planting computer chips on human brains to create artificial intelligence. The implant is hoped to cure neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The second richest man in the world, Musk, appeared recently on a social media site called Clubhouse on January 31. On the audio-streaming app, he said that his neurotechnology company recently applied its nanotechnology to implant a chip into a monkey’s brain that enabled the monkey to play video games with its mind. 

“We’ve already got a monkey with a wireless implant in their skull, and the tiny wires, who can play video games using his mind,” Musk said.

“One of the things we’re trying to figure out is, can we have the monkeys play mind-Pong with each other?” he added. “That would be pretty cool.”

Musk’s company had tested their neurotechnological implants on pigs’ brains in late August 2020, and also live-streamed the pigs’ brain activity. 

Musk asserts his company’s brain-machine interface can cure paralysis and provide people telepathic powers.

Image: Pixabay

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