Global And Local Startups In UAE Seeking Business Partner To Benefit From Dubai Startup Hub An Initiative Of The Dubai Chamber

Dubai Startup Hub is the first such project in the Middle East and North Africa region, established by the Dubai Chamber in 2016. This project aims to underline the importance of public and private sector cooperation as the key driving force of the economy of Dubai and the UAE and represents the objective of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Dubai Startup Hub,  an initiative of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  has announced the launch of the second cycle of its initiative, which links start-ups with aspiring co-founders, providing industry-specialized experience to promote their development and their performance in the Dubai market.

The first of these programs include extensive coordination and pitching sessions with investors and business professionals in the sector of educational assistance, specialist legal and human resources consultancy services, multimedia tools. Additional core advantages of taking part in the initiative include access to a network of top technical start-ups, tailored networking meetings with leading start-up leaders, customized educational seminars, industry practical tips, marketing, and media exposure.

In February 2021, 11 prospective startups were chosen to participate after the program opened for proposals. The startups are: digital sampling marketplace Hamples, digital speaker platform MENA speakers, executive talent platform Gigthree, online personalized books for children Hikayati, e-commerce website Perfumery, healthcare online education provider Pharma Global, digital events, media, and marketing company Viugo, B2B food tech company NutriCal, Storically, an online platform offering personalized books for children, Believe Nutrition, an online provider of nutrition coaching, and Braidboxx, a provider of on-demand beauty services.

Interested co-founders will have until April 6th to apply their applications and be considered for a position as a company owner assisting the chosen startups, which will be listed on the Dubai Startup Hub website. The program presents an integrated and modern solution to benefit local and foreign startups through the strengthening of their leadership teams, rendering the companies more competitive, resilient, and appealing for the investors, said Natalia Sycheva, Senior Manager Enterprise and Special Projects.

“We are encouraged by the strong interest and participation we have seen among promising startups in the Co-Founder Dubai program, which are bringing innovative business concepts related to the creative economy, digital transformation, and media, along with e-commerce, which is in line with Dubai government continuous efforts of economic diversification and building a knowledge-based economy. Once paired with the right co-founders, these startups will have the talent and support they need to realize their full potential and further grow their ventures,” she said.

Dubai Startup Hub got 140 inquiries from entrepreneurs in 2020, she reported, stating that more than half of the top 11 companies had female teams. In the year 2021, over 60 applications were received from foreign startups from MENA, Canada, Africa, India, Brazil, and Russia, all wishing to join the Dubai industry.

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