Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Promotes The Use of Smart Healthcare Technologies

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) unveiled its strategy for the use of smart health technologies combined with AI during UAE Innovation Month 2021, acknowledging the importance of keeping up with technical developments in the health sector.

As a result of its collaboration with Enpy, a Dubai based company specializing in artificial medical intelligence, DHA has expanded and explored its use of AI-driven remote patient monitoring. DHA is also working to introduce emerging technology experts to its doctors so that they can offer telemedicine services to any resident.

Awadh Al Ketbi, Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority, highlighted the value of endorsing innovation in all areas of healthcare during a visit to the DHA Innovation Centre. He also confirmed that DHA will continue to promote their research and implement their culture of innovation. He also highlighted the importance of focusing on education and specialization in the health sector.

DHA aims to bring these innovations to their primary health centers so that they can start their remote patient monitoring strategy and keep their patients on track. It will also help professionals keep track of patient records and monitor patients on a daily basis, resulting in improved patient compliance. In past years, the council referenced its successful experience in implementing AI technology in diabetes retinopathy across its health facilities and directed to organize workshops on how to employ AI in the health sector for specialists in the field.

Dr. Manal Taryam, CEO of the Primary Healthcare Sector at the DHA, said: “We are keen to use the latest health technologies with an aim to better both healthcare management and patient-centered care. Over the last few years, we have focused on home patient monitoring, especially for elderly patients. We have also swiftly foraged into telemedicine. The use of technology for remote patient monitoring is of particular importance in the current healthcare landscape of the world and we are keen to continue collaborating with firms locally and globally to implement healthcare technologies after an evidence-based analysis.”

Enpy’s non-invasive device, powered by Artificial Intelligence, can be conveniently combined with a smartphone or tablet to regularly monitor the patient’s vital signs. It is the perfect home companion, featuring integrated medical sensors, embedded electronics, and a user-friendly interface that allows users to make the best health choices on a daily basis.

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