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Dubai Airshow 2021 Aims High With ‘VISTA’, A New Startup Event For Aerospace, And Defence Startups

A special exhibition, Dubai Air Show 2021 has announced the launch of the special event dubbed as “Vista”, which will include a forum for innovative, creative, and market-disrupting companies to showcase state-of-the-art technology, and to accelerate the future of the aerospace and defense industries. The event is scheduled to be held from 14 to18 November this year at the Al Maktoum International Airport. 

The event will connect start-ups with risk investors who want transformative young businessmen to excite the large players. National leaders, CEOs, investors, engineers, disruptors of technology, operators and other key experts will take part in the event. Successful founders will also be present from proven global start-ups to encourage and lead aspiring start-ups.

VISTA will present several sub-events with Gothams, a leading accelerator that helps to build the next wave of aerospace & defense startups, during the five-day programme. Entrepreneurs will participate in pitch contests in which they can show their technologies in front of business leaders and investors with the opportunity to win a number of awards. They will be able to engage in mentorship programmes, seminars and high-level networking, learn about industry dynamics and access the best specialist advice from influential policy leaders and worldwide investors.

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Ahmed Alzurabi, SARsat’s co-founder, commented on his start-up inclusion in Vista: “We are delighted to be taking part in Dubai Airshow 2021 and have the opportunity to display our technologies to the wider industry. We look forward to receiving high-level guidance from significant mentors in the field, to support us in achieving our goal of using cutting-edge Earth Observation satellite technologies to help improve life on Earth.”

Mohamed Shawky, the Founder and CEO of GeoDrones Aerial Services startup in Dubai, said: “Our startup aims to provide superior quality drone commercial services as we see great potential in drone technologies. We have a wide range of innovative ideas that are key for achieving a major transformation in the aerospace industry and we look forward to presenting these innovations to key experts in the field.”

The VISTA will include startups from 12 various industries including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Future Mobility, Software, Space, Aerospace, Material Science, Cybersecurity, Defence, Tourism, Robotics, Drones and Sustainability. In order to launch, develop, broaden companies, and serve the aerospace and defense industries, the startup hub will provide founders with an incomparable ability to engage with investors, collaborators, and advisors at the event.

Several startups which have emerged in recent years have provided the aerospace industry with innovative technologies. For eg, Heart Aerospace will produce the first commercially certified ES-19 airliner by 2026. The goal of Heart Aerospace is to develop regional travel in the quickest, cheapest and most economical way of doing so. Exodus Space Corp, a startup to change access to space by the creation of reusable, AI-operated spaceplanes that can take off and land horizontally. 

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