Android OS Just Got Better With Six New Updates

Google announced the next six sets of Android features aimed at improving user comfort and security. Users can enjoy improved battery life with these latest updates and the ability to do more with their smartphones and go hands-free. To access these latest updates, make sure your Android device has updated apps or search the Google Play Store for updates.

Let’s begin hunting new Android Updates!

  1. Keep your accounts safe with Password Checkup on Android

For every authentication, recalling passwords is a hectic task. On the internet, there are a lot of apps that really do their job well. But, most of us still store it directly on our Google account. Google has introduced Password Checkup for accounts with the intention of making it even more secure.

Password Checkup has been integrated by Google into smartphones running Android 9 and above. This feature lets you know if, and what to do with, the password you used was previously exposed.

This means that Google can check those credentials against a list of documented compromised passwords as you type a password into an app on your phone using Autofill, i.e. passwords that have already potentially been stolen and posted on the internet. Google will warn you and direct you to search and update your password if your credentials end up on one of these lists.

  1. Use schedule send in Messages to write a text now and send it later

If you are familiar with the Google Mail service, Gmail, when you compose a mail, you may have or have not noticed a scheduled send option. What it does is, you can essentially allocate a time to your mail with the schedule send option chosen, and the mail will fly at the very same time to the recipient desk. This is a handy feature, and it is used frequently by several major businesses. 

Google is following the same strategy with this new feature. This will enhance the convenience of the way people interact and help them to stay in touch. Google is starting to roll out schedule send in Messages for phones running Android 7 and newer. 

It would profoundly support those who have their loved ones in a different time zone or on a different schedule. With schedule send, when it is convenient for you, you can write a message and schedule it to be delivered at the right time. To pick a date and time to deliver your message, just type your message like you usually would, then hold down and press the send button.

  1. No need to look at your screen, with TalkBack

Google says it has partnered closely with visually disabled and low vision groups to add new features to TalkBack, ultimately allowing them to help access their smartphones with more ease. 

TalkBack makes Android ever more accessible using verbal feedback and gestures and opens up a complete phone interface without having to look at your screen. For the latest TalkBack application, Google introduced these several features — more intuitive gestures, a unified menu, a new reading control menu, and more.

  1. Get more done hands-free with Google Assistant

Google Assistant is introduced in order to make the hands-free phone concept more practical. You can use your voice with the Assistant to make calls, set timers or alarms, and play music. Now, the new changes to Google Assistant make it easy to get stuff done on your phone without having to be right next to it.

The assistant will perform the task, even when the phone is locked, which it can not perform in the current scenario. Users can give commands such as “Read My Text Messages,” “Call Contact Name,” “Set and Alarm” and others. Simply turn on the Lock Screen Personal Results in the Assistant setting to get the most out of the Assistant when your phone is locked and say “Hey Google” to send text messages and make calls.

  1. Come to the dark side with dark theme in Google Maps

To avoid screen fatigue, Google Maps is rolling out the new Dark Mode. Dark mode will be rolled out globally on Google Maps. This feature will help users save their smartphones battery life and give their eyes a much-needed break. You can activate the feature by entering the settings, taping on “Theme” and then selecting “Always in a Dark Theme.” Users can tap on “Always in Light Theme” to switch it back.

  1. A better drive with Android Auto

You need a compatible car with a touch screen to use this feature. Android Auto’s new features include more custom wallpapers, voice-activated games such as ‘jeopardy,’ and split-screen for wide-screen cars. On the launch screen, Google has also introduced shortcuts. This provides simple touch control and also encourages you to use Assistant to complete tasks such as tracking the weather or changing the thermostat remotely by simply tapping the icon on your car display, just as you would on your smartphone. Google says the split-screen functionality would allow users to concurrently display maps and media controls at the same time. The new features will be available on devices running Android 6 or above.

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