ADNOC’s Thamama Center Yields $1.1 Billion Through Tech Investment

Thamama Center of Excellence, a digital transformation initiative by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has generated $1.1 billion (AED 4.04 billion) in value, the company announced on February 22. The success of the initiative which started only in 2017 has come through its advanced technology and digitalization. 

Thamama is a vital part of ADNOC on its strategic investments in advanced technology, digitalization and artificial intelligence that aims to help access oil resources and make efficient extraction. The center also has an innovative role in ADNOC’s upstream projects. 

“The value generated by Thamama since its start in 2017 highlights how ADNOC is harnessing advanced technologies, digitalization and big data as well as deep engineering expertise to maintain ADNOC’s position as a leading low cost and low carbon player in our industry,” Yaser Saeed Al Mazrouei, ADNOC’s Upstream Executive Director, said. 

“As part of ADNOC’s broader transformation, we continue to make smart investments in value-creating innovation across our upstream portfolio to unlock and maximize value for the UAE,” he added. 

Thamama’s advanced technology initiatives also comprise one of the world’s largest co-development of oil rim and gas cap reservoirs. 

Thamama carries out the world’s largest 3D seismic survey that is helping ADNOC to cut exploration costs by hundreds of millions of dollars. The survey enables to obtain 100 petabytes of high-resolution images of the subsurface across Abu Dhabi. This aids oil and gas production.

Also through Thamama’s efforts to integrate artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and cloud computing, ADNOC is able to enhance oil recovery and improve production efficiency by more than 10%, the company said.  

At present, ADNOC is working on over 15 new digitalization projects in Thamama. The projects are likely to deliver around $500 million in additional value per year when they are fully deployed over the coming years, according to the company.

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