Abu Dhabi’s Roads Getting Safer With New Radar System Catching Rule-Breaking Drivers

The authorities of Abu Dhabi have recently introduced a new and advanced radar system capable of countering rule breakings like not wearing seat belts, and talking over the phone while driving. It is  known as “VAST – Vehicular Attention and Safety Tracker” this technology is a joint effort between the Abu Dhabi Police and the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority. The project aims to improve and ensure the safety and well being of passengers and other pedestrians on the road. The main objective of this system is to catch reckless drivers and riders who violate driving safety rules while on the road. The system uses modern AI technology to detect the traffic violation by the passengers and the drivers on the road.

These high tech radars are set to go live on January 1, 2021 and the whole system is to be introduced very soon according to the police force. Additional features like fog sensors and environmental sensors are also set to go live soon, all in all, the police force and the digital authority of Abu Dhabi hopes for a much safer road environment in 2021.

The Key Features of this system are:

  1. Sends a warning to the riders before apprehending them. This ensures that safety is the first priority and legal actions can come later.
  2. Offenders are to be fined at least Dh800.
  3. Auto detection on any cases of breaking rules using powerful Artificially Intelligent Cameras.

The system itself was much needed as unlike traditional traffic flow, Abu Dhabi doesn’t have abundant number of public transportation means and the majority of the road users are private citizens with relatively less traffic knowledge and experience unlike the public transport personnels. More than 50% of Abu Dhabi’s road users are private citizens and this data is proven by the fact that Abu Dhabi faces a huge amount of traffic, road congestion and air pollution during peak hours simply because each individual is on a vehicle of their own instead of buses making up for the load of passengers.

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Traffic however isn’t the main problem as the rule breakers and other offenses make it much difficult for the regular flow of vehicles on the road and some of these offenders even slip up without facing a penalty.

Image: Pixabay

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