A Brief Rundown Of CES 2021: These Are The Big Releases Of Products That You Should Be Aware Of?

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a tech event organized by Consumer Technology Association (CAT) every year. Held in January at Las Vegas Convention Center in Winchester, Nevada, USA, the event features every domain of the tech sector. This is where the world’s biggest tech brands bring new products and technologies, innovative concepts and many more. 

This year CES was a full-digital event due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. The show ran from January 11 to 14. Even the pandemic did not stop the tech industries to bring futuristic and innovative products to CES 2021. More than 2000 companies showed off their most innovative new products. Some of the products are concepts and experiments which may or may not be introduced to the mass market but most of them have a scheduled launch date or companies are intended for bringing them into consumers’ hands. Here are some of the key highlights of the CES 2021.

1. Rollable Phones

LG kicked off the first day of CES 2021 by teasing their first rollable smartphone. In the trailer, they gave us a small glance of the handset where we can see the screen stretching upwards and converting into a tablet-like display. These phones are predicted to fall in the market later this year. Meanwhile, Chinese company TCL has also teased its own rollable smartphone prototype at CSE 2021. In the teaser, we can see a 6.7″ phone that can be extended to a 7.8″ tablet with a simple finger tap.

These rollable devices may be a tough competition for foldable phones, as they have already gained customer interest through the teaser. Compared to foldable devices, they tend to be more realistic from the user viewpoint as rollable devices can solve the main challenge with the foldable devices, i.e., the crease or the hinge. Rollable phones are much like a conventional smartphone before they become a tablet, making them look more attractive to consumers. At this point in time, the rollable devices may be more promising to the next-generation smartphone and are actually what one will want in their pocket – it’s a size like a normal phone, weighs just like a regular smartphone, and still packs the functionality of a foldable phone and also it has no crease on screen, so the viewing experience is as seamless as it can be. 

The most concerning issue I recon will be regarding the screens, as it is made up of the same display like foldable phones – these screens are more fragile and can be easily damaged by a key or coins in your pockets. But that does not mean that there is no potential for growth since technical advancements will boost the market of rollable devices in the future.

2. Samsung Bots

Samsung introduces its robots at CES every year, and this year is no different. At CES 2021, Samsung introduced three new robots, one of which will be on the market later this year. These bots are useful for household purposes, and they also act as private assistants.

Samsung Bot Handyman: The first is Samsung Bot Handy, a cylindrical bot with an arm and 3D mapping technology built into it. The concept behind this robot is that, by analyzing the object’s height, weight and form, it will walk around the floor of the house and collect the object. The cylinder will go up and down, adjusting the height, and the arm looks like it has a decent reach to capture an object.

JetBot 9 AI: A JetBot 90 AI+ is the one that may indeed come. This is an intelligent robotic vacuum powered by Intel AI. To navigate around the house, it utilizes cutting-edge object recognition technology: avoiding large and small items. The vacuum is able to travel with a high degree of accuracy using the LiDAR sensor. This robot vacuum can be very handy in-sense as it’s able to detect distances of up to 20 miles, rotate 360 degrees and can navigate hard-to-reach spaces.  The JetBot 90 AI+ helps you to give your house a simple, efficient clean with technologies such as a Clean Station and camera on top, which you can track from anywhere using the SmartThings app. 

Samsung Bot Care: Finally, Samsung showed us Samsung Bot Care, an assistant that will follow you around, respond to your voice order, and give different expressions with help of LED lights. The Bot Care takes care of all the little things with the aid of AI by understanding your actions and being a better assistant. It can track your blood pressure, the pace of heart rhythm, routines, and can remind you of your schedule. Again, this is a concept only robot that we would love to see in our houses. 

3. Razer Project Hazel N95 mask

Project Hazelis a topic that most of us want to talk about. It was first seen on CES 2021 and Razer is trying to create the first smartest mask in the world under the “Project Hazel”. Designed to provide a healthy, social and sustainable experience, this mask provides the highest degree of safety with the greatest changes in quality of life.

We have to mention this, we loved the concept of the product at first sight. It is an N95 grade mask, which means that it protects you against the high efficiency of bacterial filtration (BFE), plus the mask has a high fluid resistance that protects you from large droplets and splashes. It has an active ventilation system capable of removing at least 95% of airborne particles. In addition, the mask has detachable ventilation filters and thus eliminates the build-up of CO2 in the mask that can cause headaches and dizziness.

This smart mask is simple and translucent, so when you communicate with anyone, the listener will be able to pick up the ques on the face. It’s equipped with Razer Voiceamp technology, where the mask has a built-in mic and amplifier combination to ensure your speech isn’t muffled even when you’re masked. The silicone guard at the top fits snugly around your face to prevent air from escaping and prevents the mask from touching or resting on your mouth so you can speak naturally. The smart mask’s interior lights up automatically when it’s dark, allowing you to express yourself clearly regardless of the lighting conditions.

4. Cadillac eVTOL Air Taxi

A lot of preparations are underway to develop a vehicle automation mechanism – a self-driving car. Firms are not slowed yet, since they are entering into aerial mobility. General Motors (GM) is now joining the genre of flying vehicles. A flying car from the Cadillac brand was unveiled by General Motors (GM) on CES 2021. The futuristic and elegant eVTOL passenger vehicle may be the next generation of the car company’s definition of transportation. The company claims this four-wheel-drive aircraft is powered by a 90 kWh battery to produce speeds of up to 56 mph. 

Other than that, details are scarce as GM didn’t share many technical details, letting them decide when we can expect to see eVTOLs in the market. 

5. Sony’s Airpeak Drone

Sony Corporation, best known as Sony, has unveiled its Airpeak aircraft at CES2021 as part of its AI robotics drone project. They have announced the “Airpeak” brand in late 2020 with a launch scheduled in spring 2021. It is said that the new drone is the smallest drone capable of holding an Alpha camera and is intended for producing video content and professional photography. 

Again, there are not many details we have had for the particular project, but yes, Sony cameras are among the best in the industry. And it’s definitely an interesting concept that Sony carries that experience with its custom-driven drone devices.

6. Samsung Neo QN900 8K QLED TV

The new Samsung Neo QN900 8K QLED TV is poised to be Samsung’s best new television in 2021. Its brighter and cut-down bezels to almost nothing. In 2021, Samsung plans to shrink the size of LEDs to 1/40th of their traditional size to increase both brightness and contrast level. This makes it more accurate and less flourishing so that you don’t unnaturally see the light portions of the screen spilling into darkened spots. 

As the 8K content is limited, Samsung’s advanced Multi-Intelligence AI provides a better image as we all wait before we change 4K. 

It’s a weird notion, I have to say, but it’s fascinating to express to all of you. Shower Power is a completely water-powered Bluetooth speaker. It’s a slick-looking speaker right above your showerhead, and with the rush of water, it generates the energy it needs. The device is now available for pre-order in Indiegogo before the virtual showcase in CES 2021.

7. Ampere’s Shower Power

This Bluetooth shower hydraulic speaker is made of 100% recycled plastic from Ocean. It is suitable to fit over either a fixed or detachable showerhead. All we need to do is lock it on the shower shaft, where the impeller rotates with the flow of water, gradually generating the power it needs. 

“At 100 percent, the battery is good for 20 hours of playback, hence, you will never need to remove the battery or plug it in” reports Ampere.

8. Razer’s Project Brooklyn—a next-gen gaming chair

We’ve talked about “Project Hazel” by Razor in our previous topic and Razor has yet another product in-line for active gamers. With “Project Brooklyn” Razor is introducing a revolutionary gaming chair that is designed to redefine the meaning of total immersion. 

The chair turns a standard gaming chair into a full-length entertainment rig that offers spectacular next-gen immersion for both PC and console gaming. Project Brooklyn deploys an extensive 60-inch rollout OLED monitor held in its back at the click of a button, plunging you into the action while you witness a completely panoramic experience of breathtaking graphics and crisp detail. 

Moreover, the chair has in-built high fidelity haptic modules built around the chair framework that transmit every feel of the content on the screen with almost zero latency for a truly immersive experience. 

There are currently few details about the launch of this futuristic chair but you can always get a tune on the Razer website for more details. 

9. Ubtech’s Adibot for Disinfection Purpose

This giant robot is the newest addition to ADIBOT approved under CC, FCC certification. This giant robot is portable and has a sleeker design along with 360o durable coverage from top to bottom. It uses UV-C light with a wavelength of 253.7nm that provides a disinfection rate of up to 99.9%. The giant robot consists of sixteen shatterproof germicidal lamps that give a maximum range of coverage and exposure. 

Moreover, the robot uses AI technology that automatically recommends disinfections points and follows a mapped robotic path in cycles planned by physical placement at key. It has a stand-alone remote control one button disinfection start feature that assures intelligent safety and security. All of that, it also features cloud-based connectivity for tracking, storage and safety accessories and has sensor-enabled safety signage for patron safety. 

This year, despite being all-digital, CES 2021 ended well with some big releases. Launches are far from futuristic, such as – the rollable phone, flying car that gave everyone’s mind a big blow. Such technical advances make our lives a little simpler, our functioning a little smoother, and our possibilities a little greater. Although 2021 is still going as a strange year, a brighter glimpse of what’s ahead was presented by CES.

Featured Image: Twitter/CES

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